【INTERVIEW LOOK.2】hitomi— Introducing Look.2 Items!

Installment #2 of Hitomi new arrivals!

Last time it was skirts, and this time she changes it up for a very cool pants look. She’s wearing some great items, like the trendy check jacket and the new velvet LAWNSHIP shoes. In this part of the interview, we talk to hitomi about more private stuff!



Look.2 has this fresh new sporty mix, with a jacket and track pants. We’ll start with the top.

¥23,760(TAX in)/OKJ397.0193
¥16,200(TAX in)/OKS263.0042
¥5,400(TAX in)/OKT096.0001
¥9,720(TAX in)/OKP286.0050
¥10,800(TAX in)/D7F3N.9090

This tailored jacket features a trendy check pattern for a sophisticated look.
Under that, she went with a two-color simple denim shirt. The overall look of this outfit gives it a rather masculine feel. Under the denim shirt she has a simple white tee for a more laidback accent.

Along with her track pants and top, she has something with a rather interesting material.
The velvet LAWNSHIP. This material breathes a breath of fresh air into a fairly simple outfit, to jazz up the feet and really shine. What’s more, it has a silver toe, how awesome is that?


The LAWNSHIP is a perfect match for integrated sporty looks like this one. Velvet is not the easiest material to incorporate into an outfit, but when it’s on sneakers, it lightens up the whole look and you can have some fun matching it up.

Hitomi also seems to be very pleased with it, “I thought Onitsuka Tiger stuff was used in the movie Kill Bill! (lol). I always thought it was really stylish and worn by hot, trendy girls, but today’s stuff has me all excited about it.”

Make Onitsuka Tiger shoe and apparel part of your wardrobe, stay up on the trends.