【PICK UP】Tri-color patterns, a timeless classic!

Onitsuka Tiger’s tri-color shoes are popular, even when put up among the many other great ones on our lineup. The blue / white / red resembles the French flag, and it has a modern, refined appeal. We have three major models with the tri-color patterning, check them out!

171017 オニツカ4335

The CALIFORNIA 78 VIN (left image) is a re-make of a shoe from the jogging boom of the late-70s into 1980s. It has a polished look, combined with a vintage flair, designed to be visible at night for safety, with a reflector strip on the heel. Sporty yet stylish.

The SERRANO (center image) is an original model with a design inspired by track and field running spikes. This is a popular shoe thanks to its thick sole. But it’s not just stylish; it’s rated highly for its good cushioning, and its lightweight feel, making it very comfortable to wear.

And last, we have the MEXICO 66, Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship model with thick soles and a thin shape. It has a cross-trainer base, with the Onitsuka Tiger stripe that first made its appearance on a 1966 model. It features cross-stitching in the soft heel and that MEXICO 66 heel flap.

171017 オニツカ4438

On top of a white base, it has red and blue to make a nice tri-color design, It has a chic color scheme that will fit right into your winter wardrobe, adding unique and fresh highlights to your outfits. Definitely check this one out, with its tri-color design that has a popularity spanning generations.

Price:¥10,260(TAX in)
*On sale nationwide starting November 17th (not including some stores)
For more information, please check individual stores.

Color:0142 WHITE/BLUE
Price:¥8,640(TAX in)

Color:0146 WHITE/BLUE
Price:¥12,960(TAX in)