【PICK UP】Come to Omotesando to get a taste of Onitsuka Tiger’s worldview

The Omotesando branch, Onitsuka Tiger’s massive flagship store, gets customers from all over the world.
Here’s a rundown of Omotesando branch’s highlights, so you’ll have the inside track on the latest Onitsuka Tiger trends.


The first floor is adorned with the SAKIORI, a hot new item.
Onitsuka Tiger’s premier MEXICO 66 and the LAWNSHIP 2.0 were blended with the traditional Sakiori handcraft method to create a modern and stylish shoe. Available starting June 3rd.
These are all crafted by hand, which means supplies are limited. Be sure to catch them before they’re all gone.


The LAWNSHIP is a unisex court shoe.
The secret to why this shoe is so popular is because it goes with so many different styles.


On the first floor, going toward the back, your eyes will be drawn to the entire wall displaying the Onitsuka Tiger Collection.
The various colors, patterns, and models all on display make it look just like an art installation!


Did you know the Omotesando branch has a second floor too?
Moving up the stairway to the second floor, on the landing is an Onitsuka Tiger craftsman shop emblem introducing the NIPPON MADE series as well as a tiger family.


The second floor has a special area replete with visual representations of the Onitsuka Tiger worldview.
Feel free to take your time here and enjoy the NIPPON MADE series and Onitsuka Tiger x Andrea Pompilio collection.




The NIPPON MADE series product assortment, featuring Onitsuka Tiger’s quality craftsmanship, is one of Japan’s heavy hitters.
It covers an entire wall on the second floor.


The NIPPON MADE series, with its elaborate artisanal handiwork, is Onitsuka Tiger’s premium line. And it’s not just a hit domestically, with large numbers of international visitors also giving their stamp of approval.



The Omotesando Branch is the place to come for a fun time shopping in a wide open space.
You have to come experience it for yourself, and see what the Onitsuka Tiger worldview is all about!

<SHOP info>
Onitsuka Tiger OMOTESANDO
TEL 03-3405-6671
OPEN 11:00
CLOSE 20:00
(No special holiday)