【MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON】Fresh new colors for this hot SLIP-ON

The MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON, an essential part of any casual summer outfit, has new colors out on June 10th!
Check out this fresh new coloring.

Mexico 66 Slipon

MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON / ¥8,640(TAX in)
Size:6-8H,9H-12inch (23.0-28.5cm)

MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON / ¥8,640(TAX in)

Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship model MEXICO 66 was given a makeover to make it easier to put on and take off, resulting in the MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON.
The heel has an elastic band for a nice fit.
These are so comfortable, you can totally kick back, making them the perfect shoe for traveling.

The new colors offer a wide lineup with everything from basic beige to bright pink.
They’re really easy to put together with all different kinds of pants and skirts.
When the weekend comes, you should definitely come check these out!