【MEXICO 66 / LAWNSHIP 2.0】The SAKIORI Collection, with the personal touch of handmade quality

SAKIORI “裂織” is a Japanese term used to describe the traditional style of re-using loose clippings and scraps of used fabric, and patching them together to create something new.

This summer, in partnership with the SAKIORI craftsmen “saccora japan” of Morioka City in Iwate Prefecture, we’re launching the SAKIORI, along with the new SAKIORI Collection!Onitsuka Tiger’s main shoe models, the MEXICO 66 and LAWNSHIP 2.0, are pleased to bring you this modern, stylish shoe, featuring the skill and careful touch of expert artisans.
Available only in official stores, starting June 3rd.


MEXICO 66/¥15,120(TAX in)

LAWNSHIP 2.0/¥16,200(TAX in)

MEXICO 66/¥15,120(TAX in)

Available at the following stores:SHIBUYA,OMOTESANDO,OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI,KOBE,NAGOYA,Online Store

SAKIORI, an artisanal method that has been passed down in the northeast region of Japan since the Edo era, is full of the artistic wisdom of generations.
Craftsmen patch together old pieces of fabric, creating the design as they go.
This results in not just an ancient woven design, but also a platform for a wide range of expression.

The SAKIORI Collection features a MEXICO 66 and LAWNSHIP 2.0 upper with Sakiori material.
The bold colors and rich touch of the fabric make for a unique and modern final product.
Check out the special video too.