May 16 2017

【Interview series】Dori Sakurada— Introducing Look.2 Items!

Installment #2 of Dori Sakurada new arrivals!

In Look.1, Dori Sakurada exudes sophistication with the spotlight on this fresh white shirt. Put a navy jacket on it for a more stylish flavor. In front of the camera he’s calm, cool and collected, but in the blink of an eye he looks totally different; the quintessential actor. In this interview, Dori gives us the lowdown on the some private things in his life.



This jacket strikes an impressive outline. It’s a staple item with pockets on both sides.

Under the jacket he has a t-shirt layered with a polo shirt, for a more casual appeal. The t-shirt accentuates the neckline.

For bottoms, bright beige pants, to lighten up the look. These comfortable stretch-twill pants give you a more sporty feeling.

POLO SHIRT/¥9,000(+tax)/OKT055.9085
GRAPHIC T-SHIRT/¥4,500(+tax)/OKT079.0101




TIGER ALLY/¥11,000(+tax)/TH716N.4949

For shoes he went with the TIGER ALLY, a hot item. This is great buy, due to its reinforced heel that provides great stability, and fuzeGEL for cushioning, so it has a nice design in addition to functionality.
Here he’s wearing denim, but they also go with lots of other materials, giving you plenty of variations.

Dori comments on the issue of balance when buying fashion items, “For things you carry in your hands, they don’t have to have anything to do with tops, bottoms, or anything you’re wearing; it’ll all come together to work for you to some extent.”

Everything he’s wearing he has a simple design, so it’s all easy to put together.
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