【NIPPON MADE】A special launch featuring the traditional “Yumihama-Gasuri “ technique of Tottori Prefecture


The NIPPON MADE series, with a proud line of Japanese artisanship, brings you a new model made with the traditional Japanese Yumihaha-Gasuri(弓浜絣) method of Tottori Prefecture.

Yumigahama, in the western part of Tottori Prefecture, is the birthplace of the woven fabric technique of Yumihaha-Gasuri. The fabric has dyed fibers which, when woven together, create a special pattern. The very soul of the textile artisans comes through in the strongly-woven colorful patterns, while the rough texture betrays its warm simplicity.
Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship MEXICO 66 DELUXE and MEXICO MID RUNNER DELUXE were used as the design base for this special artisanal work.



The MEXICO 66 DELUXE has a simple design with bright indigo blue marked by the white Onitsuka Tiger stripe.
This shoe has a soft-material heel with reinforced criss-cross construction and a heel flap, and is also highly-rated for its comfort factor.

MEXICO 66 DELUXE/¥28,080(TAX in)
*Available at the following stores:Omotesando,Shibuya,Shinsaibashi



The MEXICO MID RUNNER DELUXE has a unique patchwork design of Kasuri dyed and woven fabric patterns.
Use this shoe as the centerpiece of your outfit, and plan everything else around it.

*Available at the following stores:Omotesando,Shibuya,Shinsaibashi

This shoe showcases the fusion of technique and sensibility of the textile artisans, with delicate features unique to Japan.