【MEXICO 66 PARATY】This fresh design is the perfect shoe to kick off summer with!

We have a hotly-anticipated new release from MEXICO 66 PARATY! It doesn’t have laces, so it’s super easy to put on and take off.


MEXICO 66 PARATY/¥8,640 (TAX in)

The MEXICO 66 PARATY has a thin sole and sleek construction. Its design base comes from flagship model MEXICO 66, but it’s a comfortable, smart-looking slip-on. The biggest feature is the two-way heel access. Put this together with shorts or rolled-up pants for that resort flavor.

It has a bright cream base with three interesting color options.
All three, (India ink x Cream), (Burgundy x Cream), and (Silver-grey x Cream), feature a woven latticework with chic colors. Just looking at these will help cool you off in summer.

The MEXICO 66 PARATY will surely be a hit with its nice summer color variations and great comfort. And the unisex design means that you can wear this together with a partner or friends for even more fun! Make this your main shoe for summer.