May 11 2017

【FABRE NIPPON LO】A special anniversary model for Omotesando Store’s 5th birthday!

Onitsuka Tiger’s massive Omotesando flagship store celebrated its fifth anniversary in April, 2017.


The flower-lined entrance created a fresh atmosphere for visitors, and even people walking by on the street had to stop and check it out. Staff members were hard to miss, as they wore 半被(HAPPI/short sleeves)with a big tiger print on their backs, right at eye level. There were positive reviews from people visiting from around the globe, thanks to the great atmosphere and festive mood.


The atmosphere inside was lively, with the FABRE NIPPON LO, the 5th anniversary Omotesando model attracting lots of attention. It’s out on shelves starting May 10th, so this is the hottest sneaker around right now.


FABRE NIPPON LO/(Men’s)¥27,000 (Women’s)¥25,920 ※Tax in
Size:(Men’s)25.0~28.0,29.0cm (Women’s)23.0~25.0cm

FABRE NIPPON LO is produced by NIPPON MADE, the series that brings Japanese craftsmanship to the world stage. The FABRE JAPAN-S, a basketball shoe from 1981, was used as the design base for the low-top FABRE JAPAN.

There are two color options, Yellow and White. The exterior of the leather is given diagonal machine-cut marks in a process called knifing, to create check-patterned uppers. The finished product is impressive, with a three-dimensional look and quality material; simply artisanal craftsmanship.

The brightly-colored FABRE NIPPON LO anniversary model has a fresh look. This is just the shoe for this season. Be sure to drop by Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando, you won’t be sorry.

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