Apr 23 2017

【Interview series】Dori Sakurada — Introducing Look.1 Items!

We’re featuring this item, worn by Dori Sakurada.

This young actor is getting hotter by the minute, with appearances in various different fields in TV and movies. With a slim build and a straightforward, innocent appearance, Dori Sakurada has quite the refreshing appeal! At the same time, during our lighthearted conversation, his cheerful and charming personality comes through. This is an interview you don’t want to miss.



This is a handy item if you have a basic white button-up shirt. The red line running up the center accents the outfit nicely. With everything up to the top button fastened, he gave quite the sharp impression.

【Featured item worn by Dori Sakurada】


For the bottoms, he went with stretch-twill pants.

The sneakers are COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA, a collaboration model with New Zealand apparel brand I LOVE UGLY. They’re white to match the top. Check out the machine-punched Onitsuka Tiger stripe. The COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA a has a simple shape but excellent design, so not only does it look good, it gives you a good, secure fit and plenty of comfort.


COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA(D7U1L.0101)/¥15,000(+tax) *only available at select stores

As Dori Sakurada remarks,

I was under the impression that Onitsuka Tiger was popular overseas, and so that’s why it’s big in Japan. The shoes are light and comfortable, and it seems like they have a lot of interesting designs!

…So, it would seem that Onitsuka Tiger items are rated highly overseas as well as here in Japan! At our stores we have the items featured here, as well as a great lineup of all kinds of nice things. Be sure to pay us a visit!