【NIPPON MADE】An elegant sneaker with softly falling cherry blossoms!

The popular NIPPON MADE series brings you the MEXICO 66 DELUXE, made with the traditional Daisen Yuzenzome dyeing method!
This elegant shoe features a cherry blossom motif, for a distinctly Japanese look.
It’s a daring fusion of sneaker and the traditional art of the Daisen Yuzenzome dyeing technique. The Daisen Yuzenzome dyeing method originated in Tottori Prefecture, which is also the hometown of Asics founder Kihachiro Onitsuka.


MEXICO 66 DELUXE/(Mens) ¥27,000 (Womens)¥25,920 *TAX in



The colorist painted the cherry blossoms petal by petal, so you can really get a sense of the delicate beauty of this design. There are two colors to choose from: Pink and Indigo blue.

In addition, there’s another version which incorporates the Daisen Yuzenzome dyeing method available, featuring a pattern painted with a roketsu dyeing brush. The artist applied a unique sensibility in administering the bold yet delicate hand strokes, creating an exquisite pattern that gave rise to a one-and-only design for each individual shoe. There are two color options for this design as well: Birch x rainbow and Birch x indigo blue.

The MEXICO 66 DELUXE, which is the design base for these special items, is Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship model. It features a soft heel and heel flap, and is also highly-rated for its comfort. The sharp cut and unique design of this shoe will provide plenty of different outfit options for you.

This design exhibits a unique worldview, just like a picture, and will make a very nice addition to your Spring wardrobe. You have to come and check out this shoe for yourself; the beauty and colors will have you absolutely spellbound.