【SERRANO】This popular thin-soled model’s hotly-anticipated new color is out!

We have a chic new color for the SERRANO, which is known for its light, comfortable fit.
Check out this new color variation; this is just the shoe you want to be wearing this season.


SERRANO/¥8,640(TAX in)

There are three color options available, from left: Black x silver grey, Silver grey x white, India ink x white. Each of these great color combo options features a single mustard yellow highlight.

The SERRANO was inspired by a track spike design, so it has a sporty cut, and since it’s a flagship model there are plenty of color variations. This shoe doesn’t just look good, it’s very functional.

The SERRANO, thin-soled and comfortable. Along with the thin, sporty design, the front of the shoe features a wrapped-up outer sole. On top of that, it has great cushioning, so it’s perfect for daily use.

Spring is in full swing. And that means there are plenty of opportunities to wear sneakers. For anyone looking for a new pair, we highly recommend the SERRANO.