【COLESNE LO “TOMATO:SHIBUYA SHIBUYA”】A limited edition collaboration model with design group TOMATO!

The limited edition COLESNE LO “TOMATO:SHIBUYA SHIBUYA” with interwoven color design, is in stores April 15th. This art sneaker was created in collaboration with John Warwicker, one of the founding members of international design group TOMATO.


*Available only at Shibuya and Omotesando stores

This truly original design, with a Shibuya motif and bright color combination, embodies the essence of this busy area of Tokyo, with a sea of humanity coming and going in every direction. The COLESNE LO is a low-top, built on a basketball shoe design. It has a retro feel and simple, unpretentious cut.

In March of last year, Onitsuka Tiger’s official partner, THE TOMATO PROJECT 25TH ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION “O” took over Shibuya, which gave rise to this new collaboration model.

The COLESNE LO “TOMATO:SHIBUYA SHIBUYA” is limited to just 100 pairs, available at Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando and Shibuya. Customers who purchase a pair will receive a John Warwicker photo art gift, and your shoes will come in a special box as well. This is the first time a work by John Warwicker has been made into a commercial product, so don’t miss your chance to get this rare shoe!