【FABRE NIPPON/FABRE NIPPON LO】An Indigo-dyed Artisanal Masterpiece!


■FABRE NIPPON ¥29,160(TAX in)

■FABRE NIPPON LO ¥27,000(TAX in)

FABRE NIPPON’s new ”INDIGO DYEING PACK”, from the NIPPON MADE series, famous for bringing the workmanship of Japanese craftsmen to the world stage.

After the shoe is manufactured, it’s dyed with indigo ink so that spots appear, with each shoe individually brush-coated, and bleached in a similar process to distressed jeans to get the final product. FABRE NIPPON, made by artisans for a high-quality, unique vintage item.

FABRE NIPPON offers both a high-top and low-top option.

FABRE NIPPON’s vivid blue is something special. Come check these out; we want you to see the fine colors and craftsmanship for yourself.

*NIPPON MADE is available only at select Onitsuka Tiger stores.