【MEXICO 66 KNIT】A unique knit material sneaker!

Our flagship MEXICO 66 shoe was given a makeover with knit material, for the all-new MEXICO 66 KNIT, in stores March 4th!


MEXICO 66 KNIT/¥14,040(TAX in)

We have some impressive color variations for you too.
There are four options: Corydalis Blue, Peach Beige, Black, and True Red. The special soft knit material used in this shoe makes for a striking image, with each color standing out in 3-D.

And of course this shoe comes with MEXICO 66’s reliable design and functionality.
The heel isn’t reinforced, so the whole shoe is soft and comfortable, plus it also has thin soles and fine lines.

The MEXICO 66 KNIT has an all-new feel with different material. With every step you take, the fabric weave pattern adds a new dimension of comfort and style to your day. This shoe is great for the spring / summer season, when people start going out more often, so be sure to come down to one of our stores to check it out.