【Onitsuka Tiger × TSUMORI CHISATO】A hot new collaboration sneaker!

Onitsuka Tiger’s main model, the MEXICO 66, was given a printed design featuring sketched art by designer TSUMORI CHISATO to create a colorful new collaboration sneaker!

It hits stores nationwide on February 8th.

The print is adorned with nature motifs like flowers, birds and mountains, along with the keywords Happy, Love, and Hope hidden in various spots, for a warm, very upbeat look. This shoe is strongly imbued with TSUMORI CHISATO’s “sophisticated fantasy” worldview.

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MEXICO 66 / ¥15,120(TAX in)
Size:22.5~29.0 ,30.0 ・31.0 cm

Along with a unique design, the MEXICO 66’s distinct thin soles and outline, as well as the simple construction, all make for a casual look, and would complement a simple pair of pants nicely. The attached shoelaces can be swapped out for red ones to change things up and make a cute look with even more impact.

Onitsuka Tiger’s sporty style is enhanced by TSUMORI CHISATO’s girly flair [Onitsuka Tiger x TSUMORI CHISATO]. This highly-anticipated collaboration project is going to be quite the hot topic. Enjoy.