【APPIAN】This simple, solid-color slip-on is really eye-catching!

201612290267 2

APPIAN/¥12,960(TAX in)

Check out this new model from APPIAN, known for its stylin’ slip-ons!
For the Black version, the brilliant luster of leather adds a rich look. On the other hand, White has a bright, light feeling, making it a good choice for more casual outfits.

The APPIAN was created based on the LAWNSHIP, and made with the concept of a minimal design and casual comfort. It still has some sporty elements, while featuring a refined, dressy overall look of sophistication. This multi-purpose sneaker also goes great with a “relaxed formal” image, adding fine highlights to the look.

Come to one of our stores; you’ll be able to picture exactly what we mean and see just how the Appian fits into your wardrobe.