【Onitsuka Tiger × LIZ】Famous singer LIZ announces original Onitsuka Tiger song“Luxury”

LIZ, a pop/R&B singer from L.A., is hot right now. She’s signed with Diplo, a big producer and famous DJ in charge of his own label.


LIZ is highly-rated as a singer, but with her distinct sense of style, she’s also a force in fashion. What’s more, she’s an Onitsuka Tiger fan.

Now Liz has teamed up with the unique group FAMM’IN of Yup’in&Lil’ Fang to make a special limited release song just for Onitsuka Tiger called“Luxury”!
With pop and sophistication, a combo perfectly suited to the Onitsuka Tiger style, it’s a really catchy tune. Be sure to check it out.

LIZ showed up at the recording studio rocking the 17SS from Onitsuka Tiger × Andrea Pompilio. The vivid colors and sharp design provide a fresh new take on luxury. The sneakers had that signature Onitsuka Tiger × Andrea Pompilio sporty, near-future feel, quite an impressive pair of shoes.

More details will be provided later in OT MAGAZINE.
This is one you won’t want to miss!