【MEXICO 66】Onitsuka Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi Anniversary Model is out!

Onitsuka Tiger Osaka Shinsaibashi celebrated its one-year anniversary on December 23rd. To commemorate this milestone, the MEXICO 66 Anniversary Model is available for purchase, only at the Osaka Shinsaibashi store!

12月23日(金)にオニツカタイガー大阪心斎橋店が1周年を迎えます。1周年を記念して、大阪心斎橋店限定MEXICO 66 アニバーサリーモデルを発売!

※Osaka Shinsaibashi Limited Model, on sale 12/23
MEXICO 66/¥17,280(TAX in)

The MEXICO 66 has the special features of the LIMBER UP, along with the design of the LIMBER, a trail running shoe from 1961, which was one of the first models to feature the Onitsuka Tiger stripe, and originally developed for the Mexico Games.
The MEXICO 66, with its 1960s flavor and modern design, is one of Onitsuka Tiger’s flagship models.

For this special anniversary model, the MEXICO 66 is overlaid with woven leather for a touch of luxury.