【2WAY BACKPACK】A unique backpack with functional construction!

Check out this backpack with impressive coloring. The view from the back is especially nice. This unique item is something you must check out.

発色の良さが印象的なバックパックが登場!,2WAY BACKPACK,オニツカ

2WAY BACKPACK¥19,440 (TAX in)

The glossy sheen of the nylon material makes the colors for this backpack something special. Available in Light gray and Green. Both have bright, shiny tones, and the thick black zipper is another nice design feature.

In addition to all that, these are functional! The strap on the back can be stored, so this can be used as a tote bag, giving you two bags for the price of one (light gray: in tote bag mode)!

In this season there’s a lot of black and stylish outerwear, so having a bright colored bag would be a great way to balance out your look.
If you check out this versatile bag and try it for yourself, you’ll see how well it can fit your situation. We’re looking forward to seeing you at a store near you.