【 Fashion Accessories 】Small items to spruce up your winter lineup!

For winter fashion, it’s those small items which make a difference. Adding just one thing can change the entire look. Here we’d like to introduce some scarves, beanies and other items that will really enhance your winter outfits!


SCARF/¥15,120(TAX in)
Color:Green x Yellow, Red x Grey, Black x Navy
BEANIE/¥7,020 (TAX in)
Color:Black,Grey,Green x Yellow, Red x Grey, Black x Navy

This border scarf with eye-catching long fringe comes in three colors: Green x Yellow, Red x Grey, Black x Navy. Any of these will add a great little accent to your style!

Next, we have a beanie. It has a simple shape with plenty of volume, and is built to keep out the cold. Available in basic Black or Grey.

Adding little things with fresh colors to your outfit makes your next time out on the town more fun! With unisex designs, you could even get one for each member of your family, or together with your partner. And they make great Christmas presents!
Be sure to get down to a nearby store and check these out.