【Made by Zanter DOWN ITEM】Voluminous, down-filled outerwear!

Down Wear is Special Project #2 done together with Zanter, a company famous for producing the first domestic down-filled outerwear in 1951.

This is the outdoor wear you can’t go without in winter.

This long coat covers you from your neck all the way down to the bottom of your knees, and is a highly functional item designed to keep out cold and trap in warmth. Some other plusses are that it feels light to wear, and easy to move around in. Color options are khaki, beige and black. And it also features some nice design highlights, like the pocket, and the line shooting from the shoulder down to the cuff.

首元から膝下まで、たっぷりのダウンに包まれたロングコートは防寒性・保温性に優れた高機能ウェア,オニツカタイガーオニツカタイガー16AW,ダウン,オニツカonitsukatiger,onitsuka,アパレル,WS LONG DOWN JACKET


The short down jacket also has three options: khaki, gold, and black. This jacket has that thick and bulky down style and features nice detailing on the shoulders and sleeves. This should definitely be one of your core winter outfit items.

丈の短いダウンジャケットも〈カーキ〉〈ゴールド〉と〈ブラック〉の3タイプ。,オニツカタイガー,オニツカオニツカタイガー16AW,オニツカ,ジャケットDOWN JACKET,オニツカタイガー,オニツカ

DOWN JACKET/¥84,240(TAX in)

If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone, you can’t go wrong with down! And for yourself too, for a job well done this year. Be sure to check these out at a store near you.

Manufactured the first domestic down wear in 1951. Has been providing Work Down Wear for Antarctic expeditions since 1956.
Our products are filled with quality virgin down feathers, and our down feathers are applied using a special process called Downproof Construction which prevents them from being pushed out of the material, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product with this Japanese brand.