Nov 06 2016

【Interview series】Akemi Darenogare — Introducing Look.2 Items!

Installment #2 of Ms.Darenogare’s new arrivals!

In #2, we see Akemi in a chic, sophisticated ensemble. As she faces the camera, her reserved expression is striking. Now that she’s passed the 26 year mark, and is making her way fully into adulthood, we dig a little deeper in this part of the interview!


In #2, she challenges a chic autumn style!


This black turtleneck is a classic autumn / winter item. This year a slightly loose, open-weave is the in look.

This long skirt with a deep slit is cut to hang straight down, creating a lovely outline. And of course that long slit allows you to show some leg, for a little dash of sex appeal. The pattern is a low-key, dark tartan check.

not for sale / collection line
not for sale / collection line



Her shoes are DINGHY, with a traditional style for an unpretentious look. The sporty sneakers give her look a lighter feel, while the long skirt adds a heavy element, for quite the impressive combination.

It looks like Akemi was pleasantly surprised with some new ideas about shoe and outfit matching:
Akemi: My whole view on sneakers has totally changed! I didn’t think sneakers would go well with nice outfit, so it was a nice surprise to find out that they actually match great.

Autumn / winter clothing is heavy, but some nice sneakers are the perfect item to throw into the mix and lighten up your look. Change up your feet, and you can change up your whole look.

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