Nov 06 2016

【Interview series】Akemi Darenogare— Introducing Look.1 Items!

In this installment of our interview series,
Akemi Darenogare is known for being cute and outgoing. We got to know another side of her, in her stoic outlook on fashion, hair and makeup maintenance. Check out this interview.


▼Interview Movie

#1 is going for a casual look!

The sweater, with eye-catching red, frames a loose outline. Thanks to its high-neck construction, if someone just takes a quick peek at it sticking out from beneath your jacket, it adds a nice little stylish flair!

The coarse knitting lends a somewhat boyish highlight to a more feminine outfit.

The botanical print pants make the urban Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO design more unique. They are so comfortable.

¥14,000(+tax) / OK774G.0023
¥24,000(+tax) / OK482G.2000

For her shoes, GSM RB. These are retro court shoes. The soft wool material really showcases the autumn feel. And the shoelaces help achieve the perfect fit.

¥12,000(+tax) / TH6H4N.1616

Akemi Darenogare extols GSM RB’s virtues:

Darenogare: These are comfortable, aren’t they! When I’m putting on shoes, I’m usually worried that they won’t fit, but this time was different. They’re not heavy, they fit great, and it feels good to walk around in them.

Another reason these are light and comfortable is because of the sturdy, inverted-form construction. If you’re looking for new shoes for autumn / winter, these are perfect!Come check out the GSM RB!