【Notice】This popular series has a new camouflage pattern!

000416-08-24-オニツカタイガー0547 1

New for Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO! This seasonal camo pattern for this unique shoe is going to be big!

The FABRE RB is an interesting high-top based on a basketball shoe design. The deep-hued navy blue and casual green color combination will add a nice accent to subdued autumn clothing tones.

000516-08-24-オニツカタイガー0549 1

FABRE RB/¥12,960(TAX in)

The TIGER ALLIANCE, known for its comfortable fit, has released a new camouflage pattern! It has a simple design that makes it easy to coordinate with anything else you’re wearing!

000616-08-24-オニツカタイガー0550 1


The EDR 78 has an interesting wrapped-up outer sole. Its new light grey camouflage pattern will highlight your style nicely.

000716-08-24-オニツカタイガー0551 1

EDR 78/¥10,800(TAX in)

What do you think of these new options? They should help you to have more fun putting together outfits, and add a nice little autumn flair to your feet!