【MEXICO 66】A unique new model featuring popular Okayama Denim

MEXICO 66 brings you a collaboration project with Okayama Denim!

This flagship shoe gets fervent support from Onitsuka fans like no other model; it’s the one to watch.

おなじみの「MEXICO 66」が岡山デニムとコラボレーション!/オニツカタイガー-シューズ-メキシコ 66/オニツカ-16AW

Mexico 66 / ¥12,960 (TAX in)
Size. 22.5 – 28.0, 29.0cm


Okayama Denim is renowned for its quality, making it a popular brand worldwide. The MEXICO 66 uses denim with a distinct dark blue color and discolored fabric.
With the new added flavor of denim, The MEXICO 66 now has a totally different look.

There are two colors, Indigo Blue and White. Indigo Blue adds a unique accent to your feet. White goes nicely with everything.

Because summer is just around the corner. Have some fun this summer with this denim MEXICO 66. The MEXICO 66, popular and noticeable. Be sure to check these out at a store near you.
*Slated for release on 7/16