【EDR78】Long-awaited new colors for this highly functional model!

The EDR78 is a retro running shoe inspired by a 1978 trail running shoe. This hot shoe now has new colors available!

_MG_0089 _MG_0081

EDR 78/¥9,720(TAX in)

There are three new colors available, lowkey Burgundy, fresh Light Blue, and vivid Yellow. All three feature a rugged construction with a rolled-up outer sole at the heel and toe. These really go great with casual items!

The inner sole features OrthoLite material, and the arch has Arch Cookies, which really help reduce friction and make your strides more efficient. They also have great cushioning!

The EDR78 is perfect for wearing around town. It has added comfort and an advanced design, and these new colors will make it all the more popular! Get down to your nearby store and get a feel for the comfort!