May 14 2016

【MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON】A slip-on to make your feet colorful!

The sun’s rays are getting stronger by the day, and you can see more people around town in short sleeves. That’s where the MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON comes in. It’s got a colorful design that’s just perfect for this season!


MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON/¥8,640(TAX in)


Onitsuka Tiger’s standard MEXICO 66 model was tweaked and made into a slip-on variation. The MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON has a unique style that includes shoelace holes, yet no shoelaces. These are loose and casual, but they still fit well.

There are two color options. Light blue x White has a nice fresh pale tone combination, and Orange x White is active and energetic. And the sharp, shiny lines add a nice accent.

As people dress more and more casually this season, it’s the perfect time for these easy to wear slip-ons! This is one pair you need to add to your summer wardrobe. Don’t miss out on the MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON!