【COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA】A launch commemoration event!

A launch party was held for the COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA, a joint project with Publish Brand, on April 23rd.

Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando served as the venue for the event, with a crowd of fashionistas, members of the press, and bloggers gathering, creating quite a lively atmosphere.

「COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA(コロラド エイティファイブ サムサラ)」のお披露Launch Partyが行われました!/オニツカタイガー×PUBLISHコラボ/オニツカ-表参道
コラボレーションシューズ「COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA」は、「現代の旅する写真家」をテーマにしたプレミアムモデルです。/オニツカ-スニーカー

There was a photo panel display for COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA, with a focus on different views of the world like San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto. Lots of people stopped to check out the display, which featured meaningful images from various cities.

The mini-burgers from the food catering service featured Onitsuka Tiger logo flags, for a fun little accent. The desserts were made in the shape of shoes with the COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA motif, and came in Olive and Navy Blue, which entertained the eyes and palates of lots of people.


This collaboration project generated significant interest, even drawing lots of people from overseas media!


Publish Brand ×オニツカタイガーのコラボレーションが世界中から高い関心を集めていることを実感しました! 「COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA」は、オニツカタイガー表参道、オニツカタイガー渋谷、オニツカタイガー心斎橋の3店舗での限定発売中。貴重なプレミアムモデルをどうかお見逃しなく!

The COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE MT SAMSARA is available for limited sale at three stores: Omotesando, Shibuya, and Shinsaibashi.

【Publish Brand】

A designer who came from the streets established this California casual street brand in 2010.