The Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO 2016A/W!

The Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO 2016 AUTUMN / WINTER collection made its debut on Friday, March 18th, at Shibuya Hikarie

Riku Taira started the show with a live drum performance.

This season’s concept of “Unexpected” was announced, with a collection that harmonizes various elements. It features a casual school look, signaling a shift for the entire line, which has been sharp and neo-futuristic up to now. The line has been given a complete overhaul, with lots of graphics motifs and a more refined image.


Classic items with wintry caramel-colored wool and tartan check, flannel coats and the like have been re-imaged with nylon and shiny surfaces. It has transitioned to a completely new phase, with quilted jackets featuring nylon and eco-fur combinations, for unusual material mixes that strike an exquisite balance.


This season’s look is a silhouette that emphasizes vertical lines, with long scarves that swing down to your legs, long dresses and so on. On the other hand, to maintain a traditional bodyline, details which normally go unnoticed, like fasteners and big pockets, are spruced up and made fun, in the sporty Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO style.

We have some lovely backpacks and tote bags with shiny enamel, and interesting boots and sneakers with unique materials that really help give your outfit more impact. The brightly-colored Green and White leave a fun impression, with lots of great small items that add that little extra something to your look.

The drum’s voltage led up to the show’s exciting finale. The models assembled on the runway for the final big run. And last up, the ANDREA POMPILIO made an appearance. There was a big round of applause, wrapping the show up with a great climax!