Mar 18 2016

A new series featuring traditional Japanese techniques is in stores!

This shoe is made with a marbling print processing technique (suminagashi processing), which is a printing technique that makes the design appear as though it’s floating on the surface of water.

To create a unique feel for each shoe, the suminagashi pattern ink is delicately applied with consideration for the wind and so on, in different places and in different arrangements, so no two pairs of these are exactly alike. This season we have two models, the”APPIAN” and”MEXICO 66 DELUXE”.


APPIAN/¥10,800(TAX in)
Item No. : TH630N.0190 / 4949
Color : White×Black / Monaco blue×Monaco blue
Size : 23.0-29.0,30.0,31.0


MEXICO 66 DELUXE/¥29,160(TAX in) (TH6A1L) ¥28,080(TAX in)(TH6A6L)
Item No. : TH6A1L.5019 / TH6A6L.5019 / TH6A6L.1923
Color : Navy×Pink / Navy×Pink / Pink×Red
Size : 25.0-28.0,29.0 (TH6A1L)
23.0-25.0 (TH6A6L)

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