Feb 01 2016

【TIGER ALLIANCE】Introducing long-awaited new colors for a super popular model!

The new colors for the Tiger Alliance are getting big support in Japan as well as abroad! All four colors are easy to coordinate, so there’s no doubt people will wear these all the time. You’ll have no problem matching them up with whatever’s in your wardrobe!



The design is based on an 80s jogging shoe called the Alliance, so they have a nice sporty look. The secret to the design is the heel and reinforced midsole, which function as an overall stabilizer for the shoe. In addition, the midsole contains αGEL inside, for an excellent cushioning effect which makes these shoes extremely comfortable.

The Tiger Alliance has a winning combination of functionality and design. They’re easy to move around in, and lightweight, which brings customers back for more. They’re fine for winter, but perfect for spring because of the new colors, so don’t miss out on them! We’re looking forward to seeing you at a shop nearby.