Jul 02 2015

【Fashion Snap】An outfit with the FACETASM / DIGAWEL collaboration model!

Onitsuka Tiger celebrated the 30th anniversary of COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE by launching a new version of the shoe in collaboration with FACETASM/DIGAWEL.Introducing an outfit with a popular item that’s been selling out everywhere!




This collaboration model with DIGAWEL has a white upper for its base color, colorful toe and heel, and fresh design. Set in a relaxed color combination, the pop style really draws attention to your feet and gives them a light look.


Red and blue base colors give this shoe a sporty look, with the checkered midsole also a nice highlight. The pants are just the right length to display the sneakers nicely.



It functions as a single focal point, using vivid colors for bright accents. This outfit leaves a nice impression without being over the top.


TH5Z0K.5323_1_large TH5Z3Q.9999_1_large



left:TH5Z0K #5323(FACETASM)
right:TH5Z3Q #9999(DIGAWEL)

Size:23.0-28.0, 29.0



Did you see something you like? In summer people wear less, but sneakers are worn even more than usual. Feel free to check out some of these items at a shop near you!