May 28 2015

Interview series: Introducing Ayaka Miyoshi’s outfit (Look No.2)

Continuing from our last segment, we introduce Ayaka Miyoshi, wearing our featured item.
Although there was some rain for the outdoor shoot, that didn’t appear to affect the spirits of the smiling Ms. Miyoshi. She loves to run, and she put on a cute display for us while racing with some of the staff members.
In this interview we delve into Ms. Miyoshi’s private life!



The main color is magenta with this bright fleece dress. The dress has a relaxed, wide silhouette, and projects a soft, feminine appeal. The dress is covered with a soft, fur-like material, making it comfortable to wear, and it goes perfect with a relaxed-look outfit. Leggings, skinny pants and other tight-fitting items are great matches for this dress.



Sweat One Piece
¥8,532(tax in)/OKS699.0018



For my sneakers, I went with Serrano. The sheer lilac and green ash pastel colors are lovely spring colors! These shoes make your feet light and colorful.




¥8,640(tax in)/TH109L.3566






This design features a bright color pattern, and when combined with a boyish cap will give you a crisp look. Having a pair of these on hand is great for when you need to tone down the girly look, as they help neutralize your feminine features.



BB Cap
¥4,320(tax in)/OKG443.0050




¥1,080(tax in)/OKG429.5017




All of these items have nice Spring/Summer colors and sporty designs, so they are sure to be a big hit this season. Be sure to visit your nearest shop, and slip on a pair!