Nov 05 2014

【SHOP INFO】Introducing the Kansai / Chubu Onitsuka Tiger Shops!

Onitsuka Tiger is expanding nationwide, and we are pleased to introduce our main shops in the Kansai and Chubu regions!


Onitsuka Tiger KOBE, along with Onitsuka Tiger OMOTESANDO, opened in 2013 with the concept of Kokon Tozai, or “Then and Now,” are the spots for Onitsuka Tiger’s blend of East and West, with a vintage flair. Kobe, the birthplace of Onitsuka Tiger, is where you can find our flagship store.



The main attraction at our Kobe store is the original Onitsuka Tiger billiard table, the only one of its kind in the world. Be sure not to miss it while out shopping here!


■ Onitsuka Tiger KOBE


Mouri Building, 2-10-21 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

TEL 078-333-0577

OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 20:00

(no special holiday)


Onitsuka Tiger NAGOYA, also featuring the concept of Then and Now, is on a street lined with departments stores and designer label stores, and provides great access with its location at near an intersection of Hirokoji-dori and Otsu-dori. This branch also has smartball games for customers to enjoy.




■ Onitsuka Tiger NAGOYA

SAKAE NOVA 1F,3-4-5,Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya City,Aichi

TEL 052-261-6631

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 20:00

(no special holiday)


Onitsuka Tiger NU CHAYAMACHI is in the Umeda area of Osaka, a popular spot. Onitsuka Tiger NU CYAYAMACHI features a colorful, eye-catching display, and is located on the 1st floor by the main entrance of NU Chayamachi, a shopping complex with big brands, popular cafes, and everything a shopper could want.




■ Onitsuka Tiger NU CHAYAMACHI


10-12 Chayamachi 1F, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

TEL 06-6375-3860

OPEN 11:00 CLOSE 21:00

(no special holiday)


In addition to these shops, we’re expanding our locations in various areas nationwide, so be sure to check out a branch near you!

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※All models are made in limited quantities, so supplies vary from shop to shop. Please contact your nearest shop directly for specific sizes and models.