Apr 30 2015

Best-selling sneaker ranking: Announcing our Top 3 most popular sneakers

The golden week holiday is all about shopping! There are so many sneakers out there so finding the perfect pair could be a gruesome task. To give a little help, we introduce to you our ”Top 3 best-selling sneakers”.







¥8,640(tax in)


Our No.1 spot goes undoubtedly to SERRANO, which is characterized by its light thin sole. These sneakers look light and make the feet look chic. The slightly curled outer sole at the front of the shoes in an appeal point, and the playful spirit is the secret of their popularity.
The combination of classic navy and pink adds a bright accent to your spring/summer fashion and increases your chicness. There are different color variations so please go ahead and find you favorite.








¥14,040 (tax in)

Our second selection is TIGER ALLIANCE, which is known for its functionality and comfort.
The molded midsole with built in α-GEL provides high cushioning. Since their design is based on jogging shoes, they are light and give the feet support and fit. Their simple design make them match any style and can be worn on different occasions. We have heard people say that if you wear them once you can never go back!


〈第3位/MEXICO 66〉




MEXICO 66/THL202.0490
¥12,960(tax in)
Size : 23.0~28.0・29.0cm


A classic Onitsuka Tiger model that represent thin soled and slender silhouette shoes. The cross support around the heel and the heel flop area, as well as the distinctive trademark stripes characterize these shoes. This model is very popular in Europe as well. The model with unique color combination of vivid yellow and black crossed stripes is especially popular. There are other different color variations, and fabric materials.



hese are our Top 3 sneakers!
All three items are equally popular and they bring comfort and have elegant designs. These Items will come in handy in a season when you will have more occasions to wear your casual outfits. So please hurry to the nearest Onitsuka Tiger store!


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※All models are made in limited quantities, so supplies vary from shop to shop. Please contact your nearest shop directly for specific sizes and models.