Apr 22 2015

Introducing our Kyushu branch! Onitsuka Tiger in CANAL CITY Hakata

Since we opened our store in PARCO Fukuoka, we have had questions about our current store in CANAL CITY Hakata. We would like to ensure everybody that our store in CANAL CITY will still be open!
We will have two Onitsuka Tiger stores in Fukuoka; one in PARCO and the other in CANAL CITY.



(Onitsuka Tiger in CANAL CITY Hakata)


Our store in CANAL CITY has been open for so many years now and over the years we have had many customers come in and check us out.
In today’s blog, we would like to give some information about CANAL CITY and the surrounding area.





In CANAL CITY Hakata, there is a movie theater and a theater. Many events are held there on weekends. Even if you are not visiting for business or shopping, you can enjoy an entire day with your family or friends.


Near CANAL CITY Hakata, there is a park called Ōhori park. In the park, there is a 2 km trail around the pond, a wild bird’s forest, a playground, a theater, and a Japanese garden. If you go during this season, you might be able to see dogwoods.


If you are around the area, please come and visit CANAL CITY Hakata.


■ Onitsuka Tiger CANAL CITY Hakata

CANAL CITY North Wing 2nd floor
1-2-1 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city,Fukuoka
TEL 092-282-1221
OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 21:00(no special holiday)