Apr 14 2015

Interview series: Introducing Ayaka Miyoshi’s outfit (Look No.1)

Starting from April we will bring you 2 part interviews in an all-new version of the popular content “Onitsuka Tiger’s Charm in the eyes of our favorite celebrity”.
In this blog, we will introduce the selected outfit worn by our interviewee. This time, we sat down for a chat with Ayaka Miyoshi!


Ayaka’s bright smile lit up the atmosphere during the photo shoot. However, when she stood in front of the camera, she immediately transformed to show her cool side. Her mature expression makes you forget that she is only 18, and it displays her high sense of professionalism as a model.
She sat down with us to talk about her job and gave us inside stories about her TSUBAKI TV commercial.


Here is the link to the full interview →



The first item is this rider’s jacket that gives a boyish look. The jacket has a sick silhouette. The stretch fabric lined with fleece makes it soft and easy to move in.
This jacket definitely goes great with pants but wearing it with a skirt is also a fun option.




Sweat Jacket /OKS700.0090           Sweat Skinny Pant/OKP726.0090
¥16,200 (tax in)                         ¥9,720(tax in) 

size:S,M,L                                                                   size:S.M.L



We matched this stylish jacket with a pair of skinny pants. No matter what you choose to wear, this item can fit perfectly with any style. The black pants will sharpen your silhouette and make your sneakers stand out. These pants are also lined with fleece so they give you that added comfort.


“I love wearing pants, so you guys were “spot on” with your choice! I love rider’s jackets and the whole men’s like fashion. Wearing one colored outfit is good but having one colorful item to accent the look is also a great idea.” Said Miyoshi.




¥6,480 (tax in)



The T-shirt is designed in collaboration with art director Toyoki Adachi’s graphic and textile label nowartt. The botanical print with flowers and leaves motif gives the T-shirt a powerful accent.

As for the all-black look, it can be accented using light toned sneakers. In today’s look, we chose a light gray COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE. The classic design and the tweed material add a traditional feel to the look. The secret behind their charm is that they are easy to wear, and provide cushioning and support.



SHORT SOCKS/OKG429.0123             COLORADO EIGHTY-FIVE/TH514N.1301
¥1,080 (tax in)                                                                       ¥9,720(tax in) 

size:S.L                                                                                       size:23.0-28.0,29.0,30.0,31.0



The striped socks go perfectly well with the sneakers. There are many color variations so you have a wide range of options. Also you can see Onitsuka Tiger logo on the sole of the socks.



“The look is very cute. The sneakers add a causal yet stylish flavor to the look.” Said Miyoshi.


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