Apr 03 2015

【World Fashion SNAP】Fashion Ideas Straight from overseas!

Shoes are the common link that ties all “fashion freaks” around the world. We will introduce high-class styles that incorporate sneakers as accent items.




First, we introduce a natural look with a combination of a Camel jacket and navy pants. The untucked shirt and the rough scarf wrapped around the neck soften the look and make it more natural, and the hat brings individuality to the style. The blue sneakers contrast the soft look and make the feet stand out.




The blue mountain parka looks amazing on the black-based outfit. The cute beanie and the skinny pants give a feminine feel and soften this winter look. On the other hand, the deep dark blue sneakers complete the look with a casual touch.


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The earth colored jacket with the denim jeans is a classic look. Covering the hem with the high-cut boots’ tongue make them more appealing. The light beige boots are a handy item that fits perfectly with any kind of pants. The bright beanie brightens the simple look making it more pop.




Adding small unique items such as these is a smart way to enhance your winter look. Items such as the striped beanie, the printed tote bag and the bright green mittens show individuality while the black long coat sharpens the look. Wearing a red pair of pants and yellow shoes shifts the focus to the feet. By carrying a tote bag with logo color that matches the pants shows a perfect fashion sense.


Did you find anything you like?
You can achieve a unique and individual look, by smartly choosing small unique items such as sneakers and hats.
You can refer to these styles when choosing your outfit.