Mar 16 2015

Introducing Sachi Suzuki’s clothing items

n this series we introduce the intriguing items worn during the interview. Today, we introduce in details the items worn by Sachi Suzuki.


Sachi Suzuki is a popular fashion model. Her charm lies in the gap between her sharp facial expression when she stands in front of the camera and her natural smile during the interview.
We sat down to ask her about fashion, sports and her role as a mom.


The full interview is in the link below


Here is the link to the video of Sachi Suzuki




The T-shirt with distinctive vivid colors and the ancient scripture print is a powerful yet modern style. This T-shirt is theme for this season from Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO. You can wear it as an independent Item or match it with a cardigan or a vest. The rayon mixed fabric gives that soft feel and makes it comfortable to wear.


The T-shirt comes with a pair of Denim jeans that is defined by printed pockets. The prints on the pocket are the same as the T-shirt. Those jeans are easy to match with any top so you can have a wide variety of looks. Moreover, the stretch fabric makes them perfect for active moms with busy schedules around the house and taking care of the kids.


Stretch Denim
¥21,600 /OK700G.0052







To enhance this simple look of T-shirt and jeans, we chose these unique sneakers to accent the feet. The two colored shoes, with one shoe having a yellow upper and the other having a red one, make the style pop and energetic. The attention to details such as the matched shoelaces and the protruding heel counter pattern shows a flawless playful spirit. And because the shoes’ body is white, they are quite easy to mix and match with different clothing items and are perfect for the upcoming season.


“The two colored yellow and red sneakers are so cute! The socks are bright too so I love the balance between them and the sneakers” said Suzuki.



Suzuki usually prefers to wear casual clothes so she seems fond of the items she wore during the interview. As spring approaches, our eyes go straight to lighter fashion styles. Please come visit us at the nearest store and pick out your favorite spring outfits.



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