Dec 29 2014

【Fashion Snap】Check out these hot sneaker outfits!

Street photography from Omotesando: a place overflowing with high-fashion trends.

004_38A0035SNEAKER:TIGER CORSAIR_nowartt


For those who like to stand out, with chic color combinations like black and navy, and odd material mixes like leather and knit. We have shoelace color combos to nicely accent sneakers with pop designs.




This oversized neckwarmer and loose-fitting varsity jacket create a sense of volume for the upper body. Tight pants and thin sneakers give this outfit a crisp look with a superb balance. The simple white color of the sneakers exudes a classy flair.



The centerpiece of this outfit is the eye-catching bright blue balmacaan overcoat. This fresh combo is completed with an inner layer, pants, hat, and other items in solid grey. The pant legs are rolled up to show the ankles, making a nice use of negative space.

002_38A2057SNEAKER:FABRE BL-L_nowartt


A trendy varsity jacket with the perfect sneakers. These sneakers have heavy, dark tones, which are completely offset by the sporty accents.



How was the street photography?
The impact of the outfits was totally changed by the sneakers. Be sure to ask for an ultimate pair for yourself at a branch near you.