Aug 12 2014

[Interview Series] Introducing a fashion item worn by Kozue Akimoto!

In this interview we talk about an item in Kozue Akimoto’s current fashion rotation.

Kozue Akimoto, famous for her black hair, cat-eye liner and unique sense of style, has created her very own fashion and hairstyle policy, which is taking hold all over. She took time out of her busy schedule as a fashion icon to tell us all about her unshakeable fashion foundation.

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This large-pattern tiger print tunic makes a bold statement. Even wearing it once leaves a lasting impression. The black lace on the sleeves complements the tiger pattern nicely, creating a glamorous look when viewed from the side. The black and white base creates a sharp contrast, which establishes a fine balance when combined with soft feminine elements.



CHUNIC/¥24,840                                              HIMALAYAN BOOT/¥21,600

Size:38,40                                                              Size:23.0cm – 28.0cm, 29.0cm



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