Sep 12 2014

[interview series] Introducing Ryota’s Ozawa selected items!

We introduce Ryota’s Ozawa selected items!

Ryota Osawa starred in many movies and he is now one of the most active actors. We present to you our interview with him.


The full interview is in the link below:



This clear gloss navy coat is made of fleece lined stretch jersey fabric. It is soft and warm; and provides comfort and function.

We matched the coat with a pair of jersey pants. These pants are comfortable and have a very fashionable silhouette.


JERSEY COAT/¥23,760                                                                V-NECK T-SHIRT/¥5,292

Size: WF,M-L                                                                                   Size:S-L


“They are easy to move around in! So comfortable that you can probably work out in them. And they have a beautiful line as well. I love clothes that are chic yet easy to move around in. I really want this!” Ozawa said with so much excitement.



JERSEY PANT/¥15,120                                                                 OCALLA/¥14,040

Size: S-L                                                                                            Size:23,0~29,0cm

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