Oct 15 2014

[Interview series] Introducing NU'EST’s selected items

We introduce NU’EST’s selected items.

NU’EST, which took the K-POP world by storm, made their long waited debut in Japan. This handsome group of five has passionate fans not only in Asia, but also in Europe, Central and South America. The group has been attracting so much attention. We sat down with the group and they told us about Onitsuka Tiger’s charm.

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Size:23.0-28.0, 29.0


The sneakers worn during the interview is HIMALAYAN DELUXE. These sneakers are a collaboration product with ANDREA POMPILIO; andthey have geometric prints that take you to a futuristic world.

They all wore the same shoes but they looked different according to their individual style. The secret behind their popularity lies in their monotone color, which is easy to match with pretty much anything.


Ren said: “They look amazing. I particularly like these shoes. If I have the chance, I would love to use these for my airport look.”

Minhyun said: “Onitsuka Tigers are very popular in Korea among celebrities and ordinary people alike. My older sister is a huge fan. I remember seeing like 3 pairs.”



ASI_OKG09G_9009_S        ASI_EOT07G_0009_S

BB CAP/¥7,560


WAIST BAG/¥4,320





The guys were very excited about the many items available. And after the interview, they went shopping in Onitsuka Tiger store in Omotesando. You too, please come and check our stores near you. You never know, you might accidentally bump into one of the guys somewhere!



※Special new items and stock amounts vary from store to store. Please inquire directly at the store of your choice for specific items.


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