Nov 08 2014

[Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO] Casual but Unique Drawstring Bags!

Onitsuka Tiger × ANDREA POMPILIO’s drawstring bags are the best choice for this season.

The bags are made of thick polyester ox. There are ones with stripe design and others with geometric prints but they are all completed with the ever-familiar Onitsuka Tiger badge. There are also other bags made of laminated tweed and leather that can be used to match a more chic style.




The strings are made of braided leather that add extra uniqueness to the bag. When you pull the strings, it gives the bag extra volume and presence. The bag is light and easy to carry so it is recommended for the ladies.




Size:F (W42xH47cm)



Styling your look from accessories can be fun! The fall/winter season is all about mixing and matching the different layers.

Please stop by our nearest Onitsuka Tiger store to try these bags!


※Special new items and stock amounts vary from store to store. Please inquire directly at the store of your choice for specific items.


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