Takumi Kitamura To-i Tachibana look.1

Inornate in their work and private life,
they captivate people with their true colors

Pop-rock band DISH// has made great strides by performing their hit song Neko on “THE FIRST TAKE” and later through the worldwide digital release of a special version “Neko ~ THE FIRST TAKE ver. ~” which was a winner in the Best Song category at The 62nd Japan Record Awards. In this edition of Look, I interviewed two of the band members of DISH//who participated in the photo shoot: singer and guitarist Takumi Kitamura and DJ and keyboard player Toi Tachibana. We talked about fashion and their private lives, and the thoughts and feelings of DISH// band members in two separate installments.

Takumi Kitamura is constantly discovering his own playful style which mixes Japanese designer brand items with a base of used clothes. Toi Tachibana wears his cherished Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and street fashion that mixes brand items and used clothes. They share the same roots as skateboarders as students. What was their impression of their garb for LOOK 1?

Kitamura: I thought the designs and the mix of different materials was really cool. The heavy-set sneakers to match were ones which I do not usually wear; they were a new look for me and a fresh take on Onitsuka Tiger, in a good way. I felt this outfit suited me quite well.
Tachibana: My ensemble is perfect for basketball. I personally like Onitsuka Tiger’s yellow items, and I think I wore them well and look hip.

While their clothing style has not changed since the old days, they have strong preferences. Both agree that they get hyped up when wearing clothes they like. What kind of fashion will they be wearing this spring?
Kitamura: The style I have recently been aspiring to is a ‘rough London boy’ look. I have green denims for spring and I bought a knit item at a used clothes shop. I choose items of a size and shape that afford me with a not-too-rough yet clean silhouette. Then I coordinate this with a slender necklace or boorish ring. While I am very particular about the accessories, the clothes can be rough. It is fun to juxtapose contrasting styles in this way.
Tachibana: All throughout winter, I think about wearing this and that style in the spring. But every year, I end up reflecting on how quickly spring and summer pass by in a flash (laughs). I think it is because I want to be able to wear nice shorts well. I want to wear a playful street style combining a big silhouette hoodie, sneakers and socks. This year, I hope to finally try something out.

Their activities are not limited to music; Kitamura has also appeared as an actor in film and television. They seem to be conducting their affairs adroitly. I asked them about their individual characteristics and personalities.
Kitamura: I have a very monotone demeanor. I don’t change much whether I am on or off. From around last year, I have begun to feel that it is most important to be yourself. When I am in work mode, I inevitably become forbearing and do not rest. But I have recently come to realize that it is arduous to continue on like this, so I now admit when I am tired and need a break. From that point, I made a conscious effort to not be on or off anymore and just be myself. I am someone who acts according to how I feel. Whatever I set my mind to or develop an interest in, I pursue with gusto. I have lived my life on this basis. While I don’t have a delicate touch, I am light-footed. Perhaps I am now better able to control myself a little more adroitly than before.
Tachibana: I try to be ‘off’ all the time, in a good way. In other words, I try to be myself whatever the situation. In the past, if I put too much effort into something, I tended to not make headway and waste energy. Nowadays, while I am motivated, I try to temper myself and not overdo it. I am an optimist and I approach everything like a game, whether it is life or my work in music. When the members of the band talk, and the topic of the conversation gets heavy, everyone becomes low-key, but I conversely am able to talk about heavy subjects and enjoy it. I feel that good balance has been achieved among the band members, and we are each playing out our respective parts.

→In LOOK2 to be released in May, we will focus in on DISH//’s music and the secret behind why the band members get along so well. We will also talk about their outlook for the future. Please check it out!

DIRECTION : Shinsuke Nozaka
PHOTO, MOVIE : Masato Moriyama (TRIVAL)
STYLIST : Kosei Matsuda (SIGNO)
HAIR & MAKE-UP : Asako Satori
TEXT : Mai Okuhara