Taishi Nakagawa look.2

Continue taking on new challenges

He shows interest in the equipment used by the staff of the photo shoot and begins pleasantly chatting with them. Within a genial atmosphere, Taishi Nakagawa instantly turns on his professional face once he stands in front of the camera, looks you straight in the eye and moves gracefully. I delved into his private life which has shaped him as an actor.

In LOOK2, we had him wear a colorful style which is starkly different from the monotone garb of LOOK1. Ordinarily, Nakagawa wears a sports jersey top and bottom set for rehearsals and training. “I like to wear clothing that allows me to move easily. It is good to wear garb with coloring that is a little aggressive when you want to change your mood or raise the tension. The design of Onitsuka Tiger’s top & bottom set is cool, so I will make it part of my everyday wear.”

He is into morning rituals and fishing?!

He likes to concoct a healthy drink every morning. “I drink a healthy green juice every morning; although this may reflect a tendency to depend on one routine which may be good for me (laughs). It is not as though I am particularly attentive to what I eat. I am not particularly attentive about the other things in my life, but I think that by continuing one routine everyday it will amount to something (laughs).” He has a boyish charm when he laughs.

Fishing is a hobby that he has been into since childhood. “When I go fishing, I connect with nature and it is refreshing. Starting out early morning, getting out of the city and breathing the fresh mountain air is time well spent. I even dress the fish that I catch. This is all part of what makes fishing fun, and makes me all the more motivated.” His refreshing personality may be the result of his proactively spending time in nature.

Nakagawa has already built up a career, but he is proactive about taking on new roles henceforth. “I have always admired stories about healthcare workers and detectives. You can’t play such roles when you are young. There are roles that become available to you as you age. I want to continue challenging myself with new things, and would like to portray someone I haven’t played before.” His interests know no bounds. “I love architecture, and I like to check out buildings such as houses and hotels that I think are elegant on SNS. My dream is to design my own house in the future, so I want to study architecture too.”

We have now entered 2021 after getting through an unexpectedly diffult year in 2020. Nakagawa has also resolved himself anew. “Last year a lot happened that we were not accustomed to with the pandemic, so I often found myself blaming the circumstances we are in. I want to deliver some good news that will take my fans by surprise.”

In this fashion shoot, Nakagawa carried himself in a relaxed manner, striking up poses with resolve. In his private life, he has a love of nature, speaks of an active lifestyle, and displays an unquenchable thirst for self-improvement with respect to his work. I cannot help but have high hopes for all of Taishi Nakagawa’s future endeavors.

DIRECTION:Shinsuke Nozaka
TEXT:Shoko Matsumoto