Lol look.1

Five personalities coming together
through music and fashion

lol is a dance and vocal group comprised of five members — hibiki, honoka, moca, Naoto Komiyama, Yusuke Sato — which was formed from the shared ambition of making people happy. The songs sung by the all-vocal and all-dancer artists are upbeat dance songs, as well as heartrending mellow ballads. While the unit is known for its synchronized dance and vocal performances, the members have their own characteristics and sensibilities. I caught a glimpse of their personalities by closing in on their fashion sensibilities.

Look.1 has a certain depth to the dress up by applying refreshing color arrangements, switching up on materials, and proposing novel ideas for layering. The initial reaction to the garb is that it is different from their own tastes, but the moment they put it on, they unanimously remark, “cool!,” “cute!” I asked them about garb that inspires them.

hibiki: “The boyish garb making use of the blouson mixed with a sporty girlish tight skirt was cute. I like to mix things up in terms of styles depending on how I feel at the time, but the look.1 materials, color arrangement, and silhouette are a first for me and it was fun to wear!”

Naoto Komiyama: “Yeah, I haven’t seen that hibiki much. I am so pleased that I finally got the chance to wear a track top that I have been wanting to try out for so long. I personally like the balance of a long-sleeve top with shorts, for an adult-like playfulness. The ensemble is comfortably light and I can probably do some acrobatics in them (laughs)! The color arrangement is splendid and would look nice on stage.”

honoka: “Naoto, you wear t-shirts all year long so it is a refreshing look for you (laughs)! The garb I wore is a mint green jacket with a low-necked top which I thought was fit-looking and stylish. The silhouette of a short-length top together with a pleated skirt was lovely. Although I don’t wear skirts much ordinarily, it made me want to try it out this spring!”

moca: “Yes, it is so stylish! I wore the same garb as honoka but in a different color. While I ordinarily don’t pay much attention to my clothing, when I think about it, I wear a lot of black! It made me want to incorporate refreshing colors like whites and blues for the spring and summer months. The sneaker selection in line with the top colors was also cool. It is rare for you to wear colors too isn’t it Yusuke? You look really hot!”

Yusuke Sato: “Thanks. I do tend to wear a lot of black. It has been a while since I wore colorful garb, but they do lift my spirit. The look.1 street-like ensemble is new for me and thrilling. By incorporating one color item such as an outer or pants into my usual black outfit brightens up my impression!”

hibiki: “When all of us are being photographed together, the items that everyone is wearing and the way we look are cool and there are so many new discoveries. I have been inspired with new ideas for dressing us up!”

In fact, hibiki is sometimes charged with choosing the MV and on-stage dress in line with a song’s theme. She also supports lol performances as a stylist by looking at a member’s preferences, body type, and charm points.

honoka: “In 2021, for example, hibiki chose the garb for our live shows and album jacket photos.”

Sato: “That’s right. She is also a total producer!”

moca: “hibiki-chan, keep up the good work! (laughs)”

hibiki: “Ok (laughs). I first have an image in my mind for the garb to match a song or stage, then I go shopping to stores and lease or buy the clothes. I love design and I have a lot of ideas about what to wear if I had this person’s body type, or how to improve how we look. As I am in close proximity to my team, I am confident that I can draw out their merits and sex appeal.”

honoka: “As hibiki buys garb depending on your shape and size, I can learn from her about how to choose an item. For example, she would say, ‘honoka, you are sexier if you show your shoulders’ and she would find a top for me. I am grateful that there is someone who understands you and can choose garb for you from a different vantagepoint than yourself.”

Sato: “hibiki shows us how the fashion would look. So sometimes I would end up wearing something for everyday use.”

Komiyama: “That’s true. hibiki knows I like black shoes, so for example she would choose black shoes only for my wardrobe as a highlight. I am always grateful for her regard to detail.”

moca: “The garb that hibiki chooses is cool, so I get inspired by the garb that I and other members are wearing for a concert.”

honoka: “I totally get it! Music and fashion are tied together in a way that can change the whole vision of each performance. And if the garb elevates your mood, it’s more than we could have hoped for.”

hibiki: “I’m so glad, because when I choose the garb, I am always conscious about finding items that suit us and elevate the mood. I am always thinking of all of you!”

Sato: “hibiki, you mean that you have the same feelings for us that I have for our fans — to always have a smile on and be happy.”

hibiki: “Ah, yes, that’s it!”

moca: “Sorry. Feel free to edit out his remarks.”

→ In look.2, I will ask them about lol’s appeal and future outlook.

Direction: Shinsuke Nozaka
Photo, Movie: Masato Moriyama (TRIVAL)
Stylist: Kosei Matsuda (SIGNO)
Make: Marino Asahi(Y’sC)
Hair: Masaki Takada
Text: Hisamoto Chikaraishi(S/T/D/Y)