hitomi look.2

Here’s part two of our interview with hitomi!
She’s a woman who lives true to herself.

Welcome to part two of our interview with hitomi in her Onitsuka Tiger gear. Even in active settings, her feminine side shines through. We get her viewpoint on what to look for in Autumn and Winter fashion. In this interview, she gives us some hints on how single women can be real while living busy lives.


── So, tell us a little about what kind of person you are.

I’m pretty sensitive, I guess. Even a single comment from a child can hurt. And kids don’t put any thought into what they say, right? Stuff like, “Look mom, she’s fat!” (laughs). But I don’t say anything to them when it happens, so I guess that’s my fault. (smiles).

And it’s not just verbal responses; say I’m breastfeeding, my baby is crying, and they pinch me in my side. It’s like, “Hey, that hurt!” And, “That’s not my breast!” (laughs), that kind of thing has also happened.

── That’s terrible (haha)! So, do you have some way of dealing with stress like that?

Yeah, when I dress up nice, it helps me deal with stress! I don’t have any hobbies, but I love shopping for clothes, and hitting all the different stores. I mostly go to stores with a big selection. I like figuring out what’s hot and what’s not.


── I’m sure you’re busy on both the work and home fronts, but I imagine it’s important to have some time to yourself.

Yeah. I definitely want more alone time. Because I have three kids, any time I get to myself is worth its weight in gold.

But if I ever let it slip that I want a little “me time,” society really frowns on that. I don’t think I could ever be too pushy about it, but it’s nice to make even a little time for myself here and there, by asking my husband and parents to help give me a break.  

── How do you hit that on/off switch?

I can’t just hit a switch. So, I just stay in action mode (laughs). So, say I just get done filming a TV spot, I’ll leave with my mind still amped up, and be that way at home (haha).

I think that’s natural anyway, instead of suddenly switching from on to off. I’ll be like, “Well, that was a fun day” (smiles). When I get home, I don’t force myself to put on the happy mother mask. But then as I spend time with my kids, it gradually shifts me back into the mindset of a mom (laughs).



── So, as you get older and wiser, what kind of person do you think you want to be?

Well, ideally I’d like to be tolerant and kind, but I’m finding that’s just not who I am (haha).


── Where do you want to be in ten years?

Hmm, well I’ll be 51 then…. I don’t know exactly what, but I’d like to be working doing something in which I’m expressing myself in some way. However, if you work too hard, you lose yourself in your work; your priorities get mixed up, so I don’t think you should allow yourself to be forced out of your own rhythm, or get ahead of yourself. I want to spend quality time with my kids, and take each job as it comes.