GFRIEND look.2

Their performances are full of innocence and dynamic stage play.
Now the “Girlfriend” is getting a loyal following in Japan too.

After making a name for themselves in their home of Korea, now GFriend are making waves in Japan, ever since their full-force debut in May. They light up the stage with their high-energy performance and nice-girl image. In LOOK.2, we cut straight through the fluff and talk to them all about the things which make them tick. We get each of them to share individual stories and information, about everything from fashion to personal stuff.

── Tell us about your different strengths and specialties.

(Sowon) I’m the group leader, which means I kn I’m the group mediator ow how to take charge and deal with everyone.

(Eunha) I’m the lead vocalist, so I’m the group mediator (smiles).

(Yerin) I’m the “turbo-charger” of the group! I bring the energy and brighten things up.

(SinB) Dancing is my forte, so I keep things tight with our main dances.

(Yuju) I’m the main vocals, and I really leave it all out on the stage!

(Umji) I’m the baby of the group. I guess you could say I have quite the imagination.

── Is there any particular kind of fashion that you’re into?

(SinB) I’m all about clothing that has fur. I love following Autumn fashion!

(Yuju) Winter in Korea is freezing, so I absolutely love down coats. They keep you nice and warm, they’re so comfortable.

── So, who’s the most fashionable of the group?

(Eunha) I’d say everyone has their own special niche. Some of us are very cool, and others have more of a cutesy thing going on. But overall, I guess Yuju looks the most sophisticated. She likes anything black.

(Yuju) On the other end of the spectrum, Yerin has the cute look down. She’s always wearing different colors, it’s so adorable!

── Tell us what you like most about Japan

(Umji) I’m a big fan of Japanese anime! The Secret World of Arrietty is awesome!

(Eunha) I love ramen!

(Yerin) Yeah, I want to get some ramen today (lol).

(SinB) I really want to go to the Snow Festival in Sapporo.

(Yuju) In terms of Japanese celebrities, we all love Naomi Watanabe! Just watching her do whatever is fun.

── Have you had the chance to meet Naomi Watanabe?

(Sowon) Yeah, just last night, actually!

(Eunha) We got to take a picture with her.

(Umji) She’s very cheerful and friendly!

(Yuju) Yeah, and she’s a really good dancer too!

── Tell us about some of your goals and aspirations

(Umji) I want to put out a lot of Japan-only limited release songs, and get experience on lots of different stages.

(Yuju) It’s my dream to perform at the Tokyo Dome with the rest of the group!

(SinB) While touring Japan, I’m looking forward to meeting our fans!


DIRECTION : Shinsuke Nozaka
PHOTO : Masato Moriyama (TRIVAL)
STYLIST : Masashi Miyai (PRAYER), Miku Ikeda
MOVIE : Kazuki Kawabata
EDIT : Takuji Kuribayashi